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Immigrants (Florence, Italien) Group of English tourists (Germany) In the train Friends in Brittany (France) Married couple at home (Germany) Wedding in Malta (Malta) Girl ponders over photographs (Germany) Talking (Cologne, Deutschland) Cafe in Brittany (France) On the road (Germany) Procession (Malta)  

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Illustration List:

  1. Immigrants (Florence, Italy)
  2. Group of English tourists (Germany)
  3. In the train
  4. Friends in Brittany (France)
  5. Married couple at home (Germany)  
  6. Wedding in Malta (Malta)
  7. Girl ponders over photographs (Germany)
  8. Talking (Cologne, Germany)
  9. Cafe in Brittany (France)
  10. On the road (Germany)
  11. Procession (Malta)