International Group Exhibition of artists from R2001,
curated by Jolanta Gora-Wita


Abraham Lubelski Gallery
473 Broadway,7th fl
NY 10013


450 Broadway Gallery
450 Broadway, 4th fl
NY 10013


8th - 19th September 1998
RECEPTION DATE: Sept. 12th, 1998 from 6 - 8 pm. at Abraham Lubelski Gallery, 473 Broadway, 7fl, NYC, USA.



Country Without Borders is about the birth of a new, 'virtual land' which gradually transforms our sense of reality into new physical meanings and entities, despite many differences - in age, sex, geographical location, language, background, and style. The exhibition interrogates and explores the dichotomy between the place of its origin (the Internet) and the real physical environment. This occupation of a new space will examine online's aesthetic meanings and explore fundamental structures of one of the first 'global electronic art societies' - R2001.


Country Without Borders will feature works in both experimental and traditional media drawn from amongst the group's 100+ members in 24 different countries. All participating artists are collaborators in an experiment that is making a new social reality in a world that originates from their thoughts and actions in cyberspace. Assembling works by artists whom they encountered via the Internet itself, R2001's co-founders (Seiji Ueoka in Tokyo, Aleksi Aaltonen in Helsinki and Gerald O'Connell in London) had never met by the time they had brought the group into existence as an online art world entity.


Apart from their cyber origins, the main thing bringing the group together as collaborators is their common belief, expressed in the group mission statement, that art can and should serve the humanitarian purpose of actually making the world a better place. Part of that mission is illustrated by the show's title: it is in cyberspace's infinite new vistas that the "Country Without Borders" has been formed, mocking the old millennium's outmoded conventions of style, modernity and national identity.


September 8th 1998, this unique new vision will travel out of the virtuality of the World Wide Web, and into the actuality of two New York City galleries.


Participating artists:

Adolf / Catalonia Spain
Aleksi Aaltonen / Finland
Amy Kool / USA
Ankur Gupta / India
Anne Eldredge Harris / USA
Antoni Lasheras / Catalonia Spain
ArtSite2000 / USA
Birgitta Jonsdottir / Iceland
Bryan A. Smith / Saudi Arabia
Catherine Yakovina/Russia
Caplyn Dor / USA
Francis Caterino / USA
Darius Gubala / USA
Denise Ruzich / USA
Elizabeth Konogeris / USA
Esoman / Canada
Falki Pictures and Design / Switzerland
Gerald O'Connell / UK
Hans Kotter / Germany
Hideaki Ogawa / Japan
Hunter O'Reilly / USA
Jacek M. Kucy / USA
Jean-Jacques Kuntz / France
Jolanta Gora-Wita / USA
Judith Juntura Miller / USA
Jurek Kubina / Poland
Kang-Hyuk Lee / Korea
Klaus Ibold/Germany
Lighthome Ecosse' / Scotland UK
Maria Fabre / Catalonia Spain
Nishioka Hiroki / Japan
n-khaos / Japan
Pygoya / Hawaii USA
Scotto / USA
Seiji Uoeka / Japan
Sharif Ezzat / USA
Stan Mlodozeniec / Poland
Tahir Un / Turkey
ValWeb / USA
Vasco Acioli / Brazil
Virtual Tart / New Zealand
Warren Furman / USA
Wooper Brains / Japan
Yumi Matsumoto / Japan


curator: Jolanta Gora-Wita, e-mail

Abraham Lubelski Gallery: tel: 1-212-274-8993, fax: 1-226-3400
(gallery hours 11am - 6pm, Tuesday thru Saturday)

450 Broadway Gallery: tel/fax; 1-212-941-5952
(gallery hours 1pm - 6pm, Tuesday thru Saturday)

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